Basic Wrestling Moves

Arm Bar - a move used on an opponent who has been broken down to turn him over for a pin. It involves getting the opponent's arm(s) behind his back.

Bridge - raising your back and hips off the mat using only the head and feet.

Cross-Face - a move where the forearm is pressed against the opponent's face to turn his head and maneuver him.

Double Leg – takedown technique in which both legs are attacked. Generally this includes a penetration step, and a lift / dump / trip or some sort to take your opponent to the mat and gain control.

Duck-Under - a takedown where you "duck" your head under the opponent's arm to come up behind the opponent. It requires a lift, throw or trip to take the opponent to the mat and complete the takedown.

Fireman's Carry - a takedown where the wrestler being carried is temporarily brought across the offensive wrestler's shoulders, similar to the manner that firemen carry people out of buildings.

Half-Nelson - Top man laces his arm under his opponent's arm and over the back of his head. This is an elementary maneuver used to turn over an opponent who has been broken down for a pin.

Headlock - You wrap your arm around your opponent's neck and lock your hands together, ensuring his arm is also gathered into the hold to prevent accidental choking.

Single Leg - takedown technique in which one leg is attacked. Generally this includes a penetration step, and a lift / dump / trip or some sort to take your opponent to the mat and gain control.

Sprawl - an elementary counter to a leg shot. The wrestler throws his legs back and hips down, pressuring his hips into the opponent if necessary, making it harder for opponent to reach or keep a grip on wrestler's legs.

Stand-up - a technique used by the bottom man to escape from the top man.

Tilt - to turn your opponent so that his back goes from an angle of 45 degrees or more to less than 45. Also, when exposure is achieved.

Whizzer (not "wizard") - an elementary counter when an opponent is attempting to gain a hold on his legs (or has gained a hold). An arm is firmly placed over the arm grasping the leg, and the hips are driven suddenly and roughly toward the opponent, in an attempt to break the grip

Illegal Moves

Full-Nelson - begin behind an opponent and having both arms under his, with your hands behind his neck. This is illegal in folkstyle wrestling.

Slam - A slam is illegal if you lift your opponent off the ground and return him to the mat with excessive force, or without proper control.

Choke - It is illegal to have an arm or leg across your opponent's windpipe. It is not illegal to squeeze the sides of the neck, as might happen with a headlock (for example).

Headlock without the opponent's arm – An arm must be included with any headlock

Scissors - locking the legs at the ankle and straightening the legs; illegal around the head, but legal around the body.

Figure 4 - locking one foot behind the other knee; illegal around the body, and now illegal around the head as well.